With a wide portfolio of mild surfactants, emollients, solvents, conditioning agents, rheology modifiers, chelating agents, emulsifiers and silicones, we can support you in creating the new on-trend formulation that meets the changing expectations of your customers. Whether it’s hair care, skincare or sun care products, you can be sure we can provide you the right Personal Care solution.

Innospec Personal Care

In Personal Care, Innospec recognizes that the direction of the beauty care world combines science and efficacy with nature. Innovative ingredient technologies, such as surfactants, solubilizers, emollients and silicones are combined with formulation expertise to deliver the right blend of science and creativity.


Offers the broadest line of high-purity hydrocarbons. The numerous grades offered satisfy a broad spectrum of applications, and the custom-formulating ability helps Sonneborn meeting the most exacting specifications.


Our functional materials meet on increasing diverse range of sophisticated customer needs, and hold the key to development of unique, high quality personal care products.


Provides a solid foundation in the science of formulating by allowing the formulator to create customized products.


KCI produces and supplies multifunctional composite materials which have excellent quality and a wide range of applications for Personal Care and proposes customized solutions by using high quality and various raw materials.

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