Home Care Solutions from Innospec Performance Chemicals

In Home Care, our dried surfactants, concentrates and super concentrate product ranges offer the response to the zero-waste trend: less water and less plastic usage are critical in our formulations. Consumers are concerned about the effects of their product consumption on the environment, and Innospec responds to their needs, creating sustainable solutions that reduce our products’ environmental impact. Consumers need to be reassured that the product is gentle on the skin, safer to use and will not leave behind chemical residues. At Innospec, our formulations are created with quality-tested ingredients that promote the reduction of harmful chemicals and additives, are extremely mild and are designed from naturally derived ingredients.

Explore our home care products, a broad range of ingredients that meet your formulation needs.

Within the Home Care business, Innospec provides effective technology-based solutions for its customers, delivering innovation to create new products and offering new, more sustainable concepts. These concepts can help the consumer reduce their impact on the environment by changing how they receive and use their products.