With a broad range of ingredients, including surfactants, solvents, rheology modifiers, emulsifiers, concentrates and chelating agents we can help you creating sustainable and effective solutions for Home Care applications. Our ingredients find their way into a variety of products from fabric care liquids, tabs, pods and powders to dish care, toilet care and hard surface cleaners.

Within the Home Care businesses, we provide effective technology-based solutions for our customers, delivering innovation to create new products and offering new, more sustainable concepts.

Consumers have become intensively concerned over the environmental impact from their product consumption.   In Home Care, dried surfactants, concentrates and super concentrates provide an innovative zero-waste solution: our formulations reduce the utilization of water and dependence on plastic packaging.  Our concentrates are extremely mild and designed with naturally derived ingredients.  Consumers can be reassured that the product is gentle to the skin, safer to use, and won’t leave behind chemical residues.

Innospec Home Care

In Home Care, Innospec’s dried surfactants, concentrates and super concentrates product ranges offer the response to the zero-waste trend: less water and less plastic usage are critical in our formulations. Innospec creates sustainable solutions that reduce the products' environmental impact.